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From: Josh Copeland
Re: How to rake in affiliate income automatically and easily...

Dear Frustrated Marketer,

I don't know you.

You don't know me. Yet. But one thing you and I both know. Somehow you found this page because you want out.

Out of your current financial situation.

Out of living paycheck to paycheck.

Out of struggling to pay the bills.

Out of the 9-5 grind.

Out of long rush hour traffic.

Out of your job.

Out of whatever is holding you back from making more money a month than 99.999999% of the rest of the world makes in a year.

You're in luck if any of the above is YOU.

Because you somehow just landed on the one single page online that may have the answer to all of those problems.

I would know.

Because I created a high powered affiliate software program that actually made me massive amount of commissions every single month...

...100% from FREE traffic.

Pure, raw, UNLIMITED traffic.

Traffic that will pound your affiliate links into submission and FORCE Clickbank to cut you HUGE affiliate checks every month.

Thuderous, NON-STOP traffic that will...


Here's what my software will do for you:

It automatically selects the best money making opportunities from the biggest affiliate network in the world, Clickbank... the offers that will make you money day in and day out, even while you are sleeping...

It automatically creates your affiliate links from the offers it just selected...

It automatically writes review contents with your affiliate links embedded inside, and then posts these contents on your money sites...

It automatically drives buyer traffic to your money sites... and that's how you make money!

And with my software, here's what you DON'T need:

You DON'T need any experience or knowledge in any niche!

You DON'T need any technical skills!

You DON'T need to spend hours writing Google Adwords & fine-tuning other PPC Techniques

You DON'T need to spend hours tinkering with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & building links

You CERTAINLY won't spend hours writing articles

You DON'T need to payout of your teeth in buying media & PPV traffic

You DON'T need to beg JV partners & affiliates to promote for you

You DON'T useless Social Bookmarking or any of the other usual methods that have been beaten to death.



Well, if that's what you want, get ready...

Because, right here on this page, I'm going to reveal the software I've been secretly using for the past six months to BLAST TSUNAMI-LIKE TRAFFIC to MY affiliate links...



Yes, nada.

And I did it MY way.

Completely unique and different from any software that's ever been released to the Internet marketing industry before.

You'll be shocked to know that almost every software that has been shoved down the throats of sheep-like Internet marketers is a slight variation of the same software.

I'll reveal how I discovered that later on in this letter...

But, for now, let me just say that...



Bigger than even what I expected.

It's the answer to my own frustration of getting very little traffic to my offers...

The answer to my own dissatisfaction with the advices and tools that have been fed to me over the years from so-called industry heavyweights that only amounted to zero.

But you know what?

I've learned that I shouldn't blame myself and...



Because we didn't know better.

We were told how it's always done is how it's supposed to be.

So we placed our trust in the 'goo-roos'.

Those whom we thought had our best interest at heart.

But weren't we oh so wrong!

So take it from one battle-scarred marketer to next... we are both joined together by a common, shared, painful experience.

We are victims.

And just as I've found the solution to all that I've been searching for, I'm going to share it with you...

We are all in this together.

And I can absolutely promise you this:



Heck, I KNOW you've heard it all before.

But please take your time to watch my Clickbank video above...

you'll see indisputable PROOF of my software generating free, instant traffic in real-time!

And that account went on become like this:

That could easily have been your own brand new Clickbank account.



I DIDN'T write articles till my fingers went numb


I DIDN'T pay for Google Adwords


I DIDN'T mess around with Craigslist... Backpage... Kijiji... or any FREE classifieds sites


I DIDN'T use PPV...

With just a few clicks you saw LIVE traffic AND you saw real-time money being made!

And you can have this software up and running within the next 8 minutes generating this kind of traffic and generating this kind of income, easily.

It's easier than you think. I did it. And you're almost there already.

I want you to wipe your slate clean.

Forget everything you've heard about affiliate marketing.

And plug into into my method of getting a mass flow of...



Hi. My name is Josh Copeland.

Last year, I got laid off from my job as an IT clerk.

I had little savings.

Two kids.


And a nagging wife who annoyed me everyday with,



The fact is, I didn't want another job.

In fact, I REFUSED To Look For Another Job.

I was just tired of it.

Tired of jumping from one job to the next.

Tired of jumping from the frying pan into the fire each time.

Really, I thought my most recent job was "it".

But then the company tanked.

And what was I supposed to do?

Go looking for another job to meet the same fate?

Hell no!


I deafened my ears to what my family, my wife's family, or what anybody had to say about "you have to start from somewhere..." or " at McDonalds" or " odd jobs till you get back on your feet..."

I was having NONE of that.

I wanted to strike out my own.

Be my own man.

Make my own money.

Quite simply...



But the noose was tightening around my neck.

The chair was about to be kicked from under me.

And I had to do something.



But I lacked focus.

Jumping from every hyped up product to the next one hoping it will be the one to usher me into early retirement wasn't gonna cut it anymore.

So, with what little savings I had...



I started small.

I started a Wordpress blog about a topic I was VERY familiar with: WEIGHT LOSS.

In my former job, sitting down 8 hours per day in front of a computer wasn't much exercise.

So, it was only a matter of time before I had a nice, healthy, bulge at the seams to show for it.

It was fun writing about stuff that was personal to me.

The feedback was awesome.

And, soon, the blog was taking off.

Money was coming in from Clickbank products I recommended that were working for me.

But not enough.

Wifey was still a little cranky.

The kids were looking a little meager.

And the bills were piling up.

So, I thought to myself,



I racked my head day and night trying to come up with a solution.

And I came to the conclusion that what I needed was software to do all the heavy lifting for me.

And then it happened...

Out of the blue, one day, I bumped into Hank Goldberg, the top programmer at my old company, while pumping gas at the Esso station near my home.

Of course, knowing that I'd been laid off, he asked, "So what are you doing now?"



I let him in on everything I was doing, putting on a hell of a presentation, and wrapping up everything with a:

"So can you help me?"

"Sure, but it's gonna cost ya."

How much?



My mouth fell to the ground.

I swallowed hard and said, "OK."

But in my mind I was like, "Damn! damn! damn! Josh, you dumb fool! What did you do that for?!"

That twelve grand was, like, money I never wanted to touch?... Know what I mean?

But I had to.

Because, I KNEW it would pay off BIG TIME.



His eyes widened.

I looked him square in the eyes.

I was serious.

He said, "You got balls, bro."

BIG freakin' BALLS. I know.

That check was gonna pay me dividends.

It had to.

Or my wife would kill me.


So for the next 4 weeks, I lived off my credit cards while Hank worked like a mad scientist on the code.

Testing and tweaking like was like an obsession to him.

He was bent on getting it right.

I joined him a couple evenings while he was testing and I felt like I was watching a movie.

I was being entertained.

It's such a joy to watch somebody who knows what they're doing.

Then the day FINALLY came.

What day?

The day Hank called and said,



I took every shortcut I could to get to his home and sat nervously beside him as I peered into the computer monitor.

What I saw next blew my mind!

My heart rate increased.

My palms got sweaty.

I started trembling with excitement.

1 sale in 15 minutes. $32.15!

The next 3 sales came in 1 hour later. All on autopilot!

It was real but still unbelievable.

So I took it home, started another blog, opened another Clickbank, and the same amazing thing happened---again.

It was too surreal.

This went on for months.

Now, I WAS convinced.



Soon, my wife's attitude towards me changed.

She now looked at me with new-found respect.

The bills were being taken care.

Our joint account was getting fat.

She loved getting unexpected bouquets at her workplace.

Feeling so proud because everyone could see.

And the boys?

Finally I could buy the gear they needed to participate in after school sports.

I had all the time in the world to sit in the stands like other proud parents as I watched my sons play in baseball games.

I didn't want an expensive car.

Even though I could buy one.

I'm not a flashy guy.

I don't go for the glitzy stuff.

I just want to know I'm sittin' on a pile of cash I can reach into at ANYTIME and take care of stuff.

Like a man's supposed to.



Or having to LOOK for one.

I want this for you too.

Especially if you've been screwed over many times by so-called 'gurus' or scam artists who took advantage of your need to desperately get out of your financial rut.

I would've wanted someone who honestly found a way to make money online to share it with me, too.

So, this is your way of getting back.

Your way of re-couping all the money you've lost over the years to scam artists.


The Most Complete And Advanced Solution That Addresses All of Your Traffic and Commission Problems

It's web-based - No installation needed. You just need to login.

It crawls Clickbank, searching high and low for the hottest Clickbank products to promote.

It automatically creates scintillating review blog posts with unique content, dazzling images and response-triggering 'call to action' buttons and...

It automatically generates extensive backlinks to generate FREE UNLIMITED AUTOPILOT traffic!

Itís so easy to use - No experience required. You don't even need to know about making money online before.


If you feel you're spending too much time trying to kick your affiliate marketing campaigns into high gear... this is exactly what you've been looking for.

You'll bypass all the boring, mundane tasks you were forced to complete without spending thousands of dollars or having specialist knowledge.

This is very same simple software that floods my Clickbank accounts daily with little to no work at all.

And I'm not just saying that, check out some more PROOF of our 100% AFFILIATE Clickbank earnings below:

Is this too good to be true?

Too perfect?

You's think so because this seems like another 'guru' tactic, right?

It boggles the mind...

But it's true as you'll soon find out for yourself.

But, really, what's so special about the My Mass Money Sites software?

Sure, it certainly makes a lot of money as you've seen in the video.

But it works so well because...



But guess what?

A LOT of affiliate marketers are not tapping into that traffic.

They're missing out on it BIG time by...


Writing a bunch of articles...


Guest posting on blogs...


Paying for Google Adwords...



All those methods used to work effectively once upon a time.

But the internet has grown like a weed over the last few months.

And the old way of doing stuff ain't gonna cut it anymore.

Outsourcing these tasks to the Phillipines, India or wherever can't keep up with the demand of these new, information-hungry prospects.

Trying to capture all that traffic using those techniques is like trying to soak up a swimming pool of water with a tiny piece of sponge.

It'd take you forever.

And it's just downright stupid to do that.

And, sadly, that's EXACTLY what a lot of affiliate marketers are doing with their current tactics.



So the mass of affiliate marketers--including you-- are left with just the scraps.

I'm talking about the little $10... $150...$200 checks for slaving away night and day trying to make your business take off.

You can't fight technology with the same ole same ole.

You have to fight technology with superior technology.

Kick-ass technology.

The kind that doesn't include the usual push button this, push-button that you've been bombarded with in the past!



You know what?

I'm gonna blow the whistle right now.

Let me tell you how these gurus used to carve up the golden goose.

One of them came up with the grand idea of push-button software, coded by some less than skillful programmer halfway across the world.

What they've had developed is a hack.

Nothing spectacular.

Just a futuristic sounding piece of BS that's intentionally branded to fool people who aren't techno buffs into thinking they got the latest, best thing from NASA.

They pump it out to their friends' lists.

Sales come in hard and rapid.

Their friend says I gotta have that too.

So they get Mr Coder to tweak a little piece of the code.

Then they stamp a different name on it.

And that one piece of software gets passed around by a group of marketers.

So what you'd find is that the same people buy the same piece of software over and over again.



How do I know?

Remember my programmer friend, Hank?

He told me.

And I saw it for myself.

I put all the 'one-click' software I'd bought on a memory stick, took it to him, and he looked through the source code of them all.

Startling revelation: The code was almost identical for each with a few lines changed here and there.

It was right then and there I knew...



But now that I know.

And now that you know.

We're both in better position to make our judgment.

It's official...



You're now wise to their ways.

But despite all their deception they were right about one thing:



For obvious reasons such as...

You don't have to create your own products

You make quick, easy money--up to 100% profits-- selling other peoples' product while they deal with all the headache of customer service, etc...

You are your own boss... you can run your empire from anywhere in the world as long as you have in internet connection

But the thing that feeds a successful affiliate marketing career is MONSTER traffic.

And lots of affiliates fail because of that.

But don't worry about that.

My Mass Money Sites will put you on par with the major players in the industry who dedicate a big part of their budget to creating and maintaining an online presence.

With My Mass Money Sites, you'll be able to siphon off and divert HUGE avalanches of FREE traffic to your websites 7 days a week, 365 days a year...

...while you're sleeping, bathing, eating, spending time with family, or just going about your daily business.

That's the beautiful thing about My Mass Money Sites!

It automatically finds masses of demand-driven consumers who are ready to spend money INSTANTLY, handing you HUGE profits for very little to no work at all.

It means therefore that you can make money in ANY niche whatsoever without having ANY knowledge of it.

Your competitors will begin seeing a drop in their earning because your websites will be cornering a greater percentage of the traffic they once enjoyed.

And that's HUGE!

Suddenly, affiliate marketing isn't so hard anymore.



Excuses? Such as?

"I don't have enough capital" -- What capital? Remember, you won't be messing around with Google Adwords or anything of the sort. The only investment you'll make is the one to get My Mass Money Sites. That's it!

"I don't have any blogging Skills" -- that's so lame. Because My Mass Money Sites will do everything for you on autopilot. You don't even need to move a finger.

"This thing must be exploiting some loophole... it's short-lived" -- Wrong. My Mass Money Sites is designed and coded to work now and years to come. It's not exploiting any "backdoor" techniques or loopholes. That's black hat stuff. And I don't deal with that. My software is above board and is no magnet for the alphabet agencies.

We could go on and on... back and forth like this... but you get the picture, right?

If you were standing before me in person, and you came at me with a bulging bag of excuses, I'd shoot everyone of them down instantly.

The fact is...



Because I know how it feels to fail.

For years, I've struggled.

And for years you've struggled.

For too long you've been struggling to eek out a decent living online.

And you've spent soooo much money trying to do so.

Too much...

...on crap that amounted to nothing!

Isn't it about time that something gave?

Isn't it about time that you tried something from someone who has your interest at heart?

If you do that today...



One that, no matter what, will work for you within the weeks... months... and years to come.

It needs no maintenance.

No upkeep.

The only work you'll need to do is brainstorm how you'll spend your money.



Don't worry.

I'm not going to kill you with price.

My main reason for releasing this software was to make it widely available for as many people as possible.

People who've been blatantly scammed.

I'm already make a HUGE five figure monthly income.

So I really don't need to charge and arm and a leg for this.

I paid $5,000 to have this software created.

And I've already made thousands of percentages return on it.

How much is that worth to you?

How much is it worth to you to have the FREEDOM you've always wanted.

How much is it worth to you to create MULTIPLE sources of income instead of depending on your JOB for THE ONLY SOURCE of INCOME?

How much would you pay now to have a 5-figure future income?

I mulled all these questions over in my head and decided I'd let you have My Mass Money Sites for...


Compared to the $12,000 I plunked down, this is a small SPECK of an investment.

It's a STEAL of a bargain.

Perfect for you if you're serious about changing your future.

I'm sure you're that person is you.

And I'm sure you realize you will see a massive return on your investment within the months and years to come.

But this price is introductory...

Here's why:I want 300 affiliate marketers to get this software at this price.


Because I plan to re-release a more powerful version in the future which you will have an automatic upgrade to--you won't pay for it.

And I'll need your testimonial when I re-release it to prove that it is as powerful as I say it is.

So, after 300 copies have been sold, I'm going to raise the price to $197.

Plus, at the rate at which I expect the spots to be gone, it could happen very soon.

Do you want to pay $150 more for what you can get at $47 today?

I don't think so.

Say "Yes" right now and I'll back your decision with...

Take advantage of this ridiculous price while you can.

Let My Mass Money Sites work for you for 60 days. Let it turn you into a super affiliate.

Your satisfaction is my goal and if I can't make you happy then I don't want your money.




Look: It doesn't matter if you're just learning the ropes as a fresh, new internet marketer, or you're a grizzled old veteran who's plundered most of the online goldmines -- this incredible software will propel you to new income earning heights.

I stand by it. I believe in it. You've seen in the video what it can do.



Look, I am looking for serious people who want to make real money online... who are willing to learn and put my system into action... who are willing to put in efforts to make things happen...

So if you are a freebie seeker who just wants to get my system for free, please leave this page now - we don't want to waste our human resources and other people's spots...

It's all up to you.

You could, of course, make the huge mistake of declining my offer and continue struggling to make money online...

Or, you can simply say "YES" and begin putting My Mass Money Sites to work for you -- transforming you into a superaffiliate without the drudgery and pain others endured to get to that status.

It's not about working hard. It's about working SMART.

The choice is easy. Click the 'Download Now' button right now.


YES!  I want to be one of the very limited amount of people who will get access to My Mass Money Sites!

And because I am taking fast action today, I will have the right to get on board for the special price of only $47

  I fully understand My Mass Money Sites comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, making this investment absolutely risk-free.


I also understand the $47 one-time fee is ALL I ever have to pay to start profitting immediately from the internet.  I'm rushing to the 100% secure checkout page by clicking the "Download" button now:

Order online safely and securely.
100% Secure, Full Encryption Is Being Used.

--- Worldwide orders accepted 24/7 ---

Your products will be delivered in downloadable format for instant access immediately after your payment is approved. 

I'll See You On The Inside,

P.S. Do you really think any of the top affiliate marketers do all the mundane, boring stuff to make big money from Clickbank?

No. They use technology to do all the heavy lifting.

Technology they spent THOUSANDS to create BUT won't share with the world.

Now, this is your chance to get even.

If you want to compete with them... if you want to get your big(ger) share of the Clickbank pie, you need killer software. Not some fly-by-night push-button software, no. What you need is software that can go toe-to-toe and head-to-head with some of the most expensive being used. And My Mass Money Sites is it.

P.P.S.If you've tried affiliate marketing in the past and failed... or... you'd like to suck the drudgery out of what you're currently doing now, try My Mass Money Sites. Your decision will be 100% risk-free and y ou have nothing to lose but FINALLY becoming a super affiliate.

You won't know unless you give it a try.

Here are some quick FAQs:

Q: "If you're making all this money, why would you want to share it, most of all, with total stranger?"

A: After my programmer team finished coding the application, I realized it's too powerful... that's why I came up with the sharing idea, to utilize the excess power of the tool. Besides, thereís MORE than enough money to go around in this business, so sharing won't affect my income one bit.

Q: "Do you provide customer support?"

A. Yes. We are here to help you make money online. Our team will answer your questions promptly so feel free to ask us.

Q: Is Any Training Included With The Software?
A: Absolutely, we included step-by-step training in the members area. We hold you by the hand and take you through every step of the way.

Q: "Will your system work anywhere in the world?"

A: Yes, as long as you have an internet connection.



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